Room type


Double room with two beds

290 RON

Double room with double bed

320 RON

Bridal suite

400 RON

VIP suite

560 RON



Besides accommodation, these prices include a buffet breakfast, free access to the indoor and outdoor pools, fitness room, cable/wireless internet and the sports field – football and tennis (with night time lighting).



Our paid services (both for our guests with accommodation and for those not lodging in our hotel) are:




Facial treatment (with PELL AMAR)


56 lei

Facial massage


20 lei

Facial lifting


100 lei

General massage

40 min

66 lei


30 min

48 lei

Anti-cellulite massage

30 min

50 lei

Massage with volcanic rocks 

30 min

46 lei

Regional massage

20 min

32 lei

Partial massage

10 min

27 lei

Brow tinting


16 lei

Brow shaping


22 lei


Treatment procedures (Wellness centre) 

Prophylactic kinesitheraphy


10 lei

Recovery kinesitheraphy


12 lei

Orthopaedic kinesitherapy


13 lei



15 lei

Ultrasound with ecogel

10 min

8 lei


10 min

6 lei

Galvanic currents

10 min

6 lei

Diadynamic currents

10 min

6 lei

Trabert currents

10 min

6 lei

Interferential currents

10 min

6 lei

Exponential currents

10 min

6 lei

Simple bath


20 lei

Hydromassage bath


25 lei

Bath with “Pell Amar” foam


30 lei

Bath with “Pell Amar” foam and salt


35 lei